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Increase you finger speed on the piano!

One of the things piano students often struggle with is speed - whether that be playing piano music at speed, or reading piano music at speed. Any good piano teacher will tell it is first of all important that you are able to play the piano music confidently at a slower speed - then when you have that down, increase the tempo.

That is the correct approach to learning new music - however, piano learners often find when it is time to speed up a piece, their fingers do not play as fast as they want them to. This means that piano students need to undo some sort of training exercises to build up the strength in their fingers.

The most basic finger exercise is going up and down from middle C to G, then go up and down from D to A and so on. The important thing in the beginning is that you achieve a steady and legato movement, then once you have achieved that gradually increase the speed. Then do the same in the left hand, once you have that perfected, try putting the hands together and play the finger exercises an octave apart. There are books you can use such as Hanon’s exercises that will help a great deal with your playing.

Also, it is worth practising all the scales, major and minor, steady at first but building up the speed over your practise sessions. You will find that if you do this on a regular basis, you finger speed will improve in your general piano playing. If you really want to increase finger speed, also practise arpeggios -they will not only help your finger strength they will also help you your music theory knowledge of chords on the piano.

There is lots of piano music out there that is centred around arpeggios - particularly in the left hand as an accompaniment - so it is something you will want to perfect.

Welcome to online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton

Matthew Clayton gives online piano lessons through video calls to people all over the world across all time zones. Matthew was a full time teacher in Cardiff, UK, teaching in schools and privately, but now as widened his intake, since the coronavirus outbreak to teach pupils online. This has led to a great interest to those all over the world, with increased interest since Matthew released his online piano course through Udemy that has become a very popular download all over the world. Sourcing piano lessons locally near where you live, has become a practise that is a bit old fashioned, as now you can have access to the very best piano teachers on the internet. Matthew is highly qualified in music up to post graduate diploma level, but does not charge huge fees for his lessons. He believes in a “music for all” and tries as best as he can to keep his prices slightly lower than the recommended musicians union suggested fees. Matthew is an experienced piano teacher who gives high quality online piano lessons. So for the those who are looking for great online keyboard lessons for absolute beginners, or for those more advanced, you have come to the right place. Matthew will provide you with all the knowledge you need to improve your piano technique and give you online video calls of piano tutorials for all the songs you want to play.

To book an online piano lesson with Matthew today, please email on

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