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Improve your posture at the piano

Having a proper posture at the piano will definitely improve your piano piano playing, there is no doubt about that fact. Many piano teachers insist on good posture when students first begin piano lessons because it is difficult to break bad habits when they start to creep in. That is not today that if you have been playing the piano for some years now with a bad posture that you cannot correct it. If you take online piano lessons with Matthew, he will teach you the correct way to sit, and to hold your arms and correct hand position to produce an effective piano playing technique.

The first thing you must make sure you are not doing is slouching at the piano- not only does slouching look unattractive if you are performing, it is not good for your back and can cause problems later in life. Make sure you sit up straight when playing the piano - it will also give you a positive mental attitude to sit correctly. Then you need to make sure that your elbows are close enough to a ninety degree angle against the piano.

You do not want your arms overstretched to the piano - if you find that that is the case, your piano stool is probably to far away from the piano and you need to sit closer. Sitting at the correct distance from the piano is important so you can have full reach and access to the piano to increase your mobility so you are not stretching all the time. As you get into a song, the music will take over and you will loosen up from the rigid posture that the above advice may give in the beginning.

Good hand posture is also important as not only with this help your playing ability in a piece of piano music, it will also help to prevent fatigue and injury. Make sure that your wrists are level with the piano. A common piece of advice lots of online piano teachers give is they say to their piano pupils they should imagine holding an orange while playing the piano - this will help the archived an arched hand posture rather than flat fingers against the piano. Of course, all the above advice will be a working progress, piano students will perfect good posture over time.

If so, you will want to start lessons with Matthew Clayton who in recent months has shifted his teaching practise from his piano studio in his home to online. Pupils will now receive the same high quality teaching that they are used to in person - but now online through the medium of FaceTime or whatsapp video calls. Matthew’s piano pupils have found online piano lessons to be very useful and have found they improve just as quickly as lessons in person. Matthew delivers one to one piano lessons through video calls and helps pupils improve at the piano. His pupils will receive piano tutorials in lots of different styles of music and will learn scales and arpeggios. Matthew’s online piano lessons are for all age groups including adults- it is also worth noting that Matthew also teaching music theory to his students - some choose to have separate lessons, but it is possible to learn a bit of theory during the practical piano lessons as well.

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

If you would like to make an enquiry for more information or to book a slot with Matthew for online piano lessons, please email

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