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How to read piano music

Learning how to read music is exactly the same as learning how to read English. In a sense, music is a new language - so in the same way you would learn how to read and speak a new language - you can use the same approach when learning how to read piano music. The way to learn is through building blocks where you will learn new concepts in small doses and build upon them as the weeks progress. Then you will need lots of practise on that new concept to reinforce and help remember what you have just learnt. Each new concept such as notes in the left hand should be followed up with lots of music examples that you can follow in your practice. There are many online apps and piano courses online for you to have a look at, but you may wish to consider online piano lessons if you want to take your piano progress a bit more seriously. As you get better at reading music, you will be able to play music that has lots of different signs in such as performing directions, rests, and new time and key signatures.

The ability to be able to read music is a wonderful skill as eventually you will have the ability to pick up a piece of music that you have never seen before and have a good go at playing it. Obviously the more you practise at this skill, the better you will get, just like anything in life. Some people however become greta musicians without learning how to read music - and that is entirely possible - they learn through playing “by ear” aurally. They listen to a track and try to emulate the sound and over time they can become accomplished musicians. Some of the great popular and rock musicians have achieved great success and fame without the ability to read music. However, if you want to progress as an amateur musician or professional these days, it is always going to be a benefit for you to know how to read music. The other benefit is, you only have to learn how to read music once, and then you can transfer all this knowledge if you decide to learn a different instrument. Everything you will learn about the musical stave, time and key signatures can applied to all instruments - you will not have to re learn how to read for different instruments. The other thing is music in the language of the world - it is the same system that is used globally.

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