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How to play G Major on the piano

When you first learn the piano, you will find all your introductory pieces in the piano book are in the key of C Major- this basically means that all the notes are in the piece use the white notes on the piano. The first key you will com to that includes a sharp is the key of G Major which includes an F sharp.

Before you even attempt playing a piece in this key, you should familiarise yourself where F sharp is on the piano - you can find it by identifying where F is and raising up one semitone to the right which takes you to the black of F sharp on the piano. Then, you will want to play the scale of G major which follows the exact same finger numbers as the C major scale, but of course you need to be careful that when you reach the F note, you actually play an F sharp instead of the normal F.

As soon as you have cemented the F sharp into your mind and playing, you can then attempt playing basic tunes in the new key of G major. Please note that the sharp may not be written next to every F to remind you as it is written in the key signature. Any sharp or flat written in the key signature tells you that that particular note is a sharp or flat in the piece unless otherwise stated by an accidental. The next key you will probably come to is D major, but don’t start playing pieces in that key until you are confident playing piano pieces in the key of G major. By playing lots of different piano pieces in various keys you will be able to develop your music theory knowledge.

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