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How to choose your first piano/keyboard

After you have chosen to begin learning a new instrument, the next thing you will need to consider is what instrument to buy that will suit you as a beginner, and there are any different option that you can take. There are three options- firstly you can buy the five octave entry level keyboard which are made by all the popular brands such as Yamaha and Casio. The next option is buying an 88 touch responsive digital piano. And the last option is buying an actual real acoustic piano. Years ago, when people began playing the piano, they would see no other option than to buy a real piano - that was the standard thing - you wanted to learn piano, so you would go out and buy a piano - often a second hand one if you were just starting off. But with the developments of technology, digital pianos are a great option. The benefits of a full sized 88 note key digital piano, such as a Roland is that they do not need to be tuned, they often take up less room and are easier to move around different parts of the house. They may also have the inbuilt recording function which will help with your piano practise. If you are on a tight budget and you want a light weight five octave keyboard that is an option if you are just starting off. However, these keyboards do not feel anything like playing a real piano as they do not come with weighted keys. But they can start you off, and you can learn all the basics with this type of instrument. Even the entry level keyboards come with lots of different sounds and beats which can help beginners keep time and they can also be fun. If have just learnt a new piano piece, you can hear what the melody sounds like by hitting the string sound or guitar sound.

The ultimate guide to piano harmony

If you are learning the piano online, you may want to start having online piano lessons with Matthew Clayton from the UK. He will be able to teach you everything that you need to know about piano harmony. In a structured set of piano lessons he will introduce to you all the different types of piano chords such as major, minor, diminished and major and minor seventh chords. If you have a good knowledge of chords, this will be very helpful to you as a piano player. You will not only be able to read chords on the score, but it will teach you the art of improvisation at the piano. Like the guitar, the piano is a very chord based instrument. You will see lots of famous pianists playing lots of chords when playing. They may be playing the melody in the right hand, but the left is playing lots of chords.

Click below to watch online piano teacher, Matthew play:

Start online piano lessons with Matthew today

If you are look for a great online piano teacher, look no further than Matthew. He charges reasonable rates and the lesson will take place over a video call.

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