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How long does it take to learn piano as an adult

This is a standard question that piano teachers often get asked - How long does it take to learn piano as adult? And most piano teachers respond by saying “it depends”. Many don’t like to hear that answer as it is non-specific. It is possible to follow a simple structure and learn the piano in about 6 months. Yes you will not become an accomplished musician in that time period, but you can learn to read music, play basic chords and play confidently simple tunes hands together. In that time frame you can learn about all the rudiments of written sheet music. But how to achieve all that in such a short time period? One simple answer: Practise. But it is more than just practise- it is good effective practise - it is no good sitting at the piano every day if you are not practising the things you need to get good quickly. The way to start the piano is to pick pieces that you genuinely want to play - whatever style or genre it is- you need the motivation to choose music that you really like the sound of - this will help you get through the frustrating times. The second important thing is that you practise every day rather than condense all the practising into one day. Also it is worth setting off a timer so you actually are practising for the correct set time. Adult learners can sometimes loose their motivation when they see very young pianists play advance pieces. But what they don’t realise is that the child could have been playing for many years, so in piano years they are far older than them. The myth is that children are like sponges and can pick up things very quickly - the truth is adults can pick up new concepts just as quickly, if not even quicker. It is just adults find “life” gets in the way, whereas children can stick more effectively to a rigid practice routine.

To make sure that you are practising in the correct way, you should really look for a good online piano teacher. If you want to find someone who can give you effective piano tutorials, you should start piano lessons for beginners with Matthew Clayton. He givens piano lessons through video calls using FaceTime or whatsapp. He offers piano/keyboard lessons for complete beginners for adults and children. Matthew charges $25 per half hour piano lesson. You don’t have to book lots of lessons in one go - you can try a lesson and book them on a pay as you go system. Matthew offers a piano fast track system where pupils learn all the essential things they need to know to progress very quickly at the piano and be able to play the piano well in only 6 months of lessons.

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