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Get started with Online Piano Lessons Today!

If you take up piano lessons with Matthew Clayton, you will be learning your favourite songs in minutes, not weeks. As long as you have a piano or keyboard, you will be able to take part in lessons. Matthew’s piano lessons are on offer for beginners, returners or more advanced players. Whatever stage you are at in your piano progression, it is worth having a few lessons with Matthew as you will notice your standard improve in no time at all. Matthew has worked with piano students across the world, helping them improve and achieve their goals. Many of Matthew’s students have commented on the speed they progress at. This is because Matthew cuts out the non essential boring things that a lot of teachers focus on in the beginning. He is aware that fast progress in the beginning is essential in keeping up a students enthusiasm and motivation in the early. If you are more advanced, Matthew will spend a longer time focusing in on specific pieces for you to refine your skills and become a great musician. There is no doubt that online piano lessons is the best new way to learn piano. As most people have an internet connection in the houses, this means piano students can take up lessons with Matthew from the comfort of their lounge, or study or wherever there piano may be. You will not need any complicated cables or any advanced devices to make lessons work - all you require your end is a phone, laptop or tablet device such as an iPad that allows video calls. If you have a stable connection you will be able to connect up with Matthew who teaches from his home studio. It will feel like you are there in the room with Matthew - but saves all the traveling time it would take to get to his home studio. Furthermore, you can be anywhere in the world and now have piano lessons through internet with Matthew.

Matthew will introduce you to beginner piano arrangements that have been tailored for your level. So even in the beginning when you are learning the basics - you will be songs you know. This makes it far more fun than only playing classical music that a lot of other teachers only focus on. Matthew will help you play easy piano songs of music from Disney films, charts music and popular songs. He will give you piano tutorials and help you learn all the piano chords. During the lessons he will help you read piano sheet music which will really benefit you, whatever your ability or age is. So if you are looking for a brilliant online piano teacher, look no further than Matthew.

He charges $30 per half hour piano lesson. To arrange your first online piano lesson with Matthew, please contact on for more information.

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