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Famous piano players that will inspire your to practice the piano

A good start is Mozart- probably one of the original most famous piano players in the world. If you listen to Mozart’s piano music you will absorb yourself into his virtuosic playing. He has left a vast range of compositions that are still played regular to this day.

Jon Batiste is another great pianist from New Orleans - if you have not heard of him - type his name into youtube and you will see some brilliant songs played by him in a variety of styles including pop and hip hop.

Rachmaninoff is another great pianist- he has made some wonderful compositions, but piano is one of the central instruments that appear in lots of his works. He was a virtuosic composer and his piano works are incredibly difficult, yet impressive.

It would be wrong to include Mozart, and not Beethoven as he was also an outstanding pianist.

Vladimir Horowitz is the classical piano playing that will blow your mind away. Lots of pianists aim to be able to play like Horowitz. He reached considerable fame playing the romantic works by Chopin and Schumann. Many people vote Horowitz as the best pianist of all time

Franz Liszt is another pianist that would impressive audiences with his dramatic performing style- he would play with a lot of passion and sway his body. The music he composed was very difficult to play, but is learnt be many amateur pianist to this day because it sounds so impressive/

Arthur Rubinstein was a charming piano playing, and of the most famous pianists in the 20th Century. He gained a lot of recognition for his wonderful interpretation of Chopin’s works.

Glenn Gould was an eccentric pianist who gained international recognition for his recordings of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

If you have listened to some recordings of by some of the most inspiring pianists listed above, you may be inspired enough to buy yourself a keyboard or piano and begin online piano lessons. Adults often want to learn how to play the piano, but never get around to actually learning as something always happens in their life. Perhaps now is the time to take the plunge and begin learning - there is no better time to learn with piano lessons now being able to take place over video calls from your own home to Matthew’s piano teaching studio in the UK. Whether you are an adult or child, at whatever level, you are welcome to start up online piano lessons with Matthew. You will learn so much about the piano, and learn everything you need to know in order to read piano music properly. If you are willing to practise in between piano lessons, you will progress and at a considerable rate.

So if you would like to arrange your first online piano lesson, please get in contact with Matthew via emailing on

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