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Classes and activities in Cardiff

If you are looking for art classes in Cardiff, or fun activities for children in Cardiff you have come to the right place. Have you ever thought about learning how to play the piano? Or sending your children to piano lessons in Cardiff?

Matthew Clayton who runs Piano Tuition Cardiff from his home in Cyncoed teaches children and adults, from absolute beginners to advanced players how to play the piano. Learning how to play a new instrument is such a fun activity for you to put in your or your child's life. Taking piano lessons will actually give you a skill for life. There is so much joy to be gained from sitting at the piano and knowing how to play your favourite songs. It is also fun to play the piano while playing along with other musicians. Matthew teaches piano to those aged seven years old and upwards. He also welcomes adult learners and senior retired pupils. There is no age that is capped for music enjoyment - Matthew believes that music is for all and can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what age you are. It is never to late to learn how to play the piano - so if you are looking for piano lessons in Cardiff, contact Piano Tuition Cardiff today for your first piano lesson. You will find places in Cardiff where you can attend group piano classes, but you learn and progress much more with individual one to one piano lessons.

Matthew teaches the formal piano grades, as well as all the fun music that everyone enjoys. He believes that while it is important to teach everyone the serious technique of learning how to play the piano properly, they must enjoy the process of learning by playing music that they are familiar with and that they enjoy.

Matthew is a piano teacher based in Cyncoed Cardiff, but lots of his pupils travel from surrounding areas of Cardiff for their weekly piano lesson. He normally gives each pupil one half hour lesson per week and the fee is £13.50

Cardiff is a vibrant city with lots to offer and you will see lots of free art classes and activities listed throughout the city. You will find lots of piano teachers in Cardiff, but Matthew Clayton is one of the most popular due to his experience of teaching nearly ten years and his friendly and outgoing personality that put his pupils at ease.

If you would like the book your first piano lessons with Matthew in Cyncoed, Cardiff then please email Matthew on

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

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