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Cardiff Piano Lessons

Welcome to Piano Tuition Cardiff – expert piano tuition from a qualified professional

Matthew Clayton is a great piano teacher based in Cyncoed, Cardiff that will help you progress on the piano. Whether you are a complete beginner or are looking for more advanced piano lessons, Matthew will be able to tailer his lessons to suit your needs. Around 70% of Matthew’s pupils are children who go through the graded piano method, then the remainder are adults, some who like to do the grades, but most choose just want to play as a fun hobby and are not interested in the sitting the exams.

What type of piano music does Matthew teach?

Matthew teaches a range of styles. In the beginning in the first few months of lessons you will not always be playing fun pieces, you will be learning basic tunes that will introduce you to all the notes on the piano. From there as soon as you can start to put both hands together and play, you will be able to play pieces of your choosing. You will be able to print off songs or pieces that you really want to learn and Matthew will help in every way he can. Matthew has taught classical pieces, pop songs such as Ed Sheehan and Adele as well as songs from films and musicals such as The Greatest Showman. Some pupils leave it up to Matthew to choose pieces for them, and that is fine too. So if you are looking for fun and enthusiastic piano lessons in Cardiff please see Matthew’s contact details at the bottom of the page.

How much does Matthew charge for a lesson?

Matthew charges £13.50 for a half hour lesson. Some older learners choose to take the full hour weekly lesson. He teaches piano from home in Cardiff, but also teaches local schools and colleges. Matthew has a busy teaching timetable so it is worth contacting him as soon as possible so he can reserve a slot that would suit you. Many has been a piano teacher in Cardiff for nearly ten years and has a lot experience in teaching adults and children how to play the piano. There aren’t many piano teachers in Cardiff who offer piano lessons with so much experience and enthusiasm as Matthew.

How to contact Matthew to book your first piano lesson today

If you are thinking of taking piano lessons and are living in Cardiff, then please call Matthew on 07967 836011 for your first lesson today. If you have played piano before, bring a few piano pieces along to the first lesson so Matthew can see where you’ve got to. If you are beginner all you need to is bring yourself. You can also contact Matthew on

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