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Can you teach yourself piano? The 5 biggest mistakes

It is 100% possible to teach yourself piano online, up to a point. But be aware of the big mistakes that a lot of piano learners experience in the beginning. Firstly, they don’t set themselves and rigid set practices schedule. The only way to succeed successfully at the piano is practise the same time each day and get into that routine. The other thing people do is that don’t practise the piano effectively. The only way to achieve this is if you set yourself a stop watch to ensure you are practising for the entire set time. The next big mistake learners have is they don’t maintain the level of motivation. Students have lots of motivation in the beginning when learning a new instrument, however, this dwindles over time. The mistake, which is one of the main ones that leads to people giving up too early is they are not practising pieces that they actually enjoy. It is important in the beginning when you are learning piano that you are actually playing pieces you genuinely enjoy. Whatever it is, it could be church music - then only attempt church music in the beginning - the theory and technique side can wait until later - it is far more important in the beginning that you have the want to sit down at the piano for a set time and practise. The other mistake or drawback people have in the beginning is that they don’t know what keyboard or piano to choose from to buy. 5 octave keyboards are ok to start with, but if you want to take up the piano more as long term thing, you will eventually out grow this type of instrument and will want something full size 88 keys with touch response. A good value option would be to buy the Yamaha p-45 in the instance. If you are ever unsure what type of piano brand to buy, Yamaha is always the best option as it is a reputable brand that will come with warranty.

Would you like to start up one to one online video piano lessons?

If you want to progress faster and learn the piano the correct way, the only real way to achieve this is with piano lessons with a professional pianist. Matthew Clayton, from the UK now offers online piano lessons through video calls. He switched his real life teaching studio which he has been teaching in from his home for over ten years to a virtual teaching practise online. The amazing thing about online piano lessons is that Matthew now can teach anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. Students now have the fantastic convenience of taking lessons with Matthew from the comfort of their home.

Matthew charges $25 per half hour piano lesson which is a very reasonable rate considering his qualifications. If you would like to book an online piano lesson with Matthew please contact him on

Please see the video below which highlights the mistakes piano students should try and avoid when teaching themselves piano online.

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