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Best way to learn the piano in 30 days

So many people across the whole world want to learn how to play the piano, but never in their lives actually get around to learning, which is such a sad fact. And that should now not be the case since the invention of the internet, there are so many educational piano resources, online piano courses and online piano lessons that should help people along their way. Despite all this information being out there, some people let their lives get in the way and never commit to learning. Lots of people find learning the piano complicated and confusing in the beginning and are often discouraged. This is often because they do not have an interesting piano teacher who makes learning fun (if you want to start online piano lessons click on the link below to begin lessons with Matthew Clayton).

Click below to watch Matthew play the piano:

If you want to learn the piano successfully in 30 days you will need to firstly know all the notes not the piano by name. While it is good to be able memorise, you will succeed a lot better if you know the key names on the piano. If you know the note names, this should help you create octaves which you find useful in doubling the melody in the right hand, or doubling the left hand accompaniment - octaves will widen your approach to improvisation as well. Learning how to play chords will enable you to play the piano in 30 days- a lot of modern music is centred around chords, but beginners are sometimes put of off by them as they need to make stretches in their hand, or that they look complicated on sheet music.

To overcome that, you need to do finger exercises that involve creating a chord (the first note, skip a note, and skip another note until you form a three note triad). The ability to play chords on the piano will make you sound like a professional piano player in no time at all. Next, learn how to train and develop your musical ear by listening to favourite songs and bring to work the melody out slowly on the piano. At first it will take you a long time to work this out, and there will be a lot of trial and error - but the more practise you have at this the better you will get. Being able to play piano music by ear is a wonderful skill that is enjoyed by piano players all over the world. The last important factor that will help you learn the piano quickly is finding yourself a good teacher- whether that means by taking piano lessons on the internet or in person.

In the long run, this is often a far cheaper way of learning how to play the piano. Matthew creates an outline specific to the type of songs you want to learn, so you won’t be wasting money paying for lessons that include music that you are not interested in. Matthew’s piano lessons are accessible anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Busy adults prefer the flexible approach that online piano lessons has to offer.

Matthew even offers online support for his piano students in-between piano lessons to make sure his pupils are on the right track and practising the right things. Beginner piano students who would normally feel intimidated taking traditional piano lessons, often flourish much more quickly in an online way, where there are playing on their own piano in their own home during the lesson. The online piano lessons take place over a video call from Matthew’s teaching studio to your own home. Pupils who prefer to learn on the go through their mobile devices will really enjoy what Matthew has to offer via online piano lessons.

To have your first online piano lesson, please send an email to

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