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Best value online piano lessons

If you are reading this you have probably already decided that you want to make a start in learning how to play the piano. The next challenge you will find is finding a suitable piano teacher online that you are happy with that charges reasonable rates. The trouble with this find is that often those “teachers” who charge at the lower end of accepted fees are often those who are not qualified in their field - and that is the reason why they charge such rates. That is not to say they will all have nothing to offer you - perhaps they could start you off on the basics. But if you want a god teacher who won’t start you off on bad habits that will be difficult to correct later down the line, you will be better off paying a bit more for lessons and finding a professional teacher with the right qualifications who will be able to teach you the proper way. It is true to say that not all online piano teachers who are properly qualified will be really expensive, Matthew Clayton for example, a piano teacher from the UK, charges the reasonable rate of $30 per half hour lesson - and considering he has a music degree and a further postgraduate diploma, that in many ways is a very competitive rate.

If you would like to enquire and start online piano lessons with Matthew, please send him and email on and he will respond and set up and online lesson with your when convenient. All you require is a good internet connection and a phone that can support online video calls through platforms such as FaceTime or Skype. You will be able to select available appointments from his schedule that suit that fit nicely into your schedule. The great thing about having the lessons online is that it cuts out all the driving and traveling time to your teachers house - as soon as you turn your laptop, phone or iPad on - the lesson can be started straight away. Matthew offers these types of piano lessons for the young and old - but will need parents consent before they begin.

At the end of each piano lessons, Matthew will tell you everything you need to practise for the next lesson. He will summarise everything that you have learnt during that online piano lesson - this will help cement all the new concepts in your memory - and you can ask questions about anything that you do not understand. You can then follow up with good practise before the next lesson and demonstrate everything that you have learnt in the week at that next piano lesson with Matthew.

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