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Begin online piano lessons today!

The process of learning the piano need not take place in the traditional form of attending lessons in your piano teachers home. With the development of new technology, you can be anywhere in the world and have the benefit of learning piano with Matthew Clayton. Matthew is an experienced piano teacher from Great Britain. He has taught hundreds of piano students over the last ten years since he graduated in music from university. Matthew began teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic, and since then he has found that more and more people from across the world are wanting lessons. He is a popular in demand teacher because he is friendly and very enthusiastic about music. Aspiring musicians will benefit a great deal from online piano lessons with Matthew and achieve great results. Matthew teaches children from the age of 10 and upwards online - sometimes for the younger pupils he delivers 20 minute lessons as it can be sometimes difficult for the young to concentrate for extended periods of time.

Matthew prides his online piano lessons as being fun and informative. He introduces his pupils to a rang of different piano styles and in now time at all, his pupils notice serious progress. It is encouraged that pupils have a weekly lesson lasting 30 minutes. If this then gets followed up by practise at home, you will be brining two hands together playing interesting piano tunes in now time at all.

All you require to take part in online piano lessons with Matthew is a phone that enables video calling. Normally, FaceTime works the best, but other platforms such as Zoom and WhatsApp can work equally as well. You will need to send Matthew a photograph of the pieces you are currently working from to his email address prior to the lesson, and have you phone pointing towards your piano or keyboard keys before the lesson begins. Matthew accepts payment through PayPal as it is very secure and internationally recognised. There is no commitment for you to sign up to extended permanent lessons as you pay on an individual, weekly basis, so should you decide it is not for you, you can stop lessons at any time.

Matthew will be able to recommend piano books for beginners depending on your age and previous music experience. So, in your email Matthew, state what level you are at, what type of piano or keyboard you have and what type of music that you wish to learn.

There are so many benefits in taking piano lessons online. Matthew only taught piano students in Cardiff, UK. Now he teaches people from all backgrounds and levels across the world at times that are convenient to his pupils.

So if you want to get in contact and begin your online piano lessons with Matthew today, CLICK HERE

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