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Are you looking for piano lessons in Cardiff?

The beginning of a new academic term can often be a time where children and adults reflect on their next learning adventure of hobby. September is a time when together with the change of seasons, people take stock and think about starting up new interests. Learning how to play the piano is a wonderful new skill for you or your child to learn and you can begin by just with one click of the button and getting in contact with Piano Tuition Cardiff today. Matthew has been providing piano lessons in Cyncoed, Cardiff for over ten years from his home. He also teaches piano in schools and colleges. In more recent times due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Matthew has been predominantly teaching online through FaceTime or internet video calls. New beginners have even found the online piano lessons very fruitful and have progressed at a very quick rate.

So if you are looking for a top quality piano teacher who is friendly and is well qualified in music you have come to the right place. Matthew gives weekly piano lessons in person or over the internet via online piano lessons. He charges £13.50 per half hour lessons. Those who want to learn for graded piano exams are welcome, as are those who only wish to learn for fun. Maybe you have a piano piece in mind that you have always wanted to play and that is your ultimate goal? Matthew will be able to coach you and tailor his teaching for your unique development. Perhaps you would like to learn the more formal way where you learn scales, chords and make your way through the graded exam pieces. Whatever type of learning method you choose, there is no doubt that if you take piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff you will be able to progress at a very quick rate indeed.

During piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff you will learn all different types and styles of music. Perhaps you will like to learn piano music from the musicals, or perhaps you want to concentrate on classical music, or perhaps you want to learn pop, rock or chart music. Matthew is the type of musician with much performing experience in a variety of styles so there is no any style of music that he will not be comfortable teaching. Matthew's piano students at Piano Tuition Cardiff become good sight readers of piano sheet music as he encourages his students to learn new pieces in all sorts of different styles. This is the way to become a well rounded musician and enjoy the long term joy that the piano has to offer.

If you are thinking about buying an electric piano or real piano, Matthew will be able to give you free professional advice

To book your first piano lesson with Matthew please call or text on 07967 836011

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