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Are you looking for Piano Lessons in Cardiff

Welcome to Piano Tuition Cardiff

Matthew Clayton is a piano teacher from Cardiff who has been teaching under the name of Piano Tuition Cardiff for many years. He delivers piano lessons from his teaching studio in his home in Cyncoed Cardiff. If you are looking for top quality piano lessons in Cardiff you have come to the right place. Matthew has years of experience teaching children and adults- all ages and all abilities. As well as helping his pupils improve their skills in music, Matthew encourages and develops his pupils interest and love for music. Matthew understands that music, in the end, is something to be enjoyed.

Matthew takes his pupils through their graded piano exams. All have Matthew’s pupils have passed their exams – he proudly holds a 100% pass success rate with all of his pupils. However, Matthew also is willing to teach pupils where exams are not at the focus- where students want to learn how to play piano songs just for fun.

Contact Matthew today

If you would like to enquire please contact Matthew on 07967 836011 or email on

Matthew will be able to arrange a trail lesson with you or your child – you will both be able to liaise a time that suits.

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour piano lesson in Cardiff

Some pupils like to have an hour lesson per week – it is entirely up to the parent and pupil – however for younger beginners 30 minutes or 20 minutes is long enough for them to hold their concentration.

Learning how to play the piano is a great thing, whatever age you are at. It can build confidence and help cognitive skills. Learning something new can really help people come out of their shell and appreciate the joys of music. Why put it off any longer, and have a trial lesson with Matthew today. Matthew is one of the most popular piano teachers in Cardiff offering piano lessons.

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