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Are you looking for piano classes in Cardiff?

Piano Classes in Cardiff

If you are thinking of learning how to play the piano in Cardiff, you have come to the right place. There are lots of piano teachers in Cardiff offering lessons, however you may wish to consider Matthew Clayton. He is an experienced piano teacher who has been teaching in Cardiff for the last ten years. He teaches all age groups and all styles from children to adults. Matthew has a great record of success taking his pupils through the ABRSM piano grades. Matthew completed all his grades then when to study music at Cardiff University where he graduated with music degree with honours. Throughout his education, Matthew has been taught piano by a number of high calibre pianists. He has drawn on their enthusiasm, experience and advice in his own teaching.

How much do piano lessons cost with Piano Tuition Cardiff?

Matthew charges £13.50 per half hour lesson or £25 for the full hour. Matthew likes to keep his prices at reasonable rates so pupils from all backgrounds can access music lessons.

To book a lesson with Matthew, or to find out more information, please call or text on 07967 836011 or email

Why learn the piano?

There are many benefits from learning a new skill, whether you are an adult or a child. Learning the piano will sharpen your motor skills, improve your memory and hand eye co-ordination. It is a wonderful skill to learn for life that will bring joy to your life. Learning a new instrument also encourages creativity. It will help improve concentration particularly with children. It can also have a great effect of boosting self esteem. Working hard at a new skill and achieving rewards can be a fantastic thing for the mind set of a child or an adult.

So if you are looking for piano lessons in Cardiff, please contact Matthew today. He is a friendly and experienced teacher that will put you at ease from your very first lesson. Matthew believes music should be enjoyed – the learning process though at times can be difficult, should be fun.

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