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Are you looking for a piano teacher in Cardiff?


Piano lessons at Piano Tuition Cardiff


If you are thinking about learning the piano, you have come to the right place. There is nothing better than pursuing a passion such as music. Learning how to play the piano is a great addition to anyone’s life. Some students fear that it is “too late to learn” or it will be “too difficult”. But Matthew Clayton who gives piano lessons in Cardiff has proven that he can help students of any age and background in succeeding at the piano. 


Spending time learning a new instrument can be a great thing to do. Most are shocked to discover that the brain has over twenty billion brain cells- so they is plenty of power to process new skills such as learning the bill, whatever age you are.


Matthew Clayton has been giving piano lessons to his pupils in Cardiff, UK for over ten years. He prides himself in nurturing talent and helping pupils achieve their musical goals. All you need to be able to do, is dedicate at least twenty minutes of piano practise per day and you’ll eventually be able to play all those piano pieces you’ve always loves. Even though people lead very busy lives, it is possible to dedicate time for piano practise. Practising the piano is vital if you want to progress. If you start piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew, he will begin by teaching you simple tunes that you will be able to memorise and enjoy. You will work through a tutor book and he will set pieces for you to practise at home in your own time.


They key is finding a qualified, good quality piano teacher. If you are in Cardiff and are looking to take up piano lessons, you should consider taking piano tuition with Matthew Clayton. Matthew has a music degree from Cardiff University and holds a postgraduate diploma from Open University. He teaches piano from home in Cardiff and takes on pupils of all ages and abilities up to and including Grade 8.  Do not settle for an unqualified teacher who charges cheap rates, because if you learn bad habits on the piano, they can be difficult to break later down the line. A lot of Matthew’s pupils go through the graded piano system where they will sit an exam. Matthew has achieved 100% success with all candidates he has entered for exams. Matthew has mainly taught from the ABRSM piano syllabus, but now also teaches from the Trinity College London certificate. 


However, the important thing to Matthew at Piano Tuition Cardiff is that music is to be enjoyed. Although you will learn how to read music in the correct way, you will also be able to enjoy playing music in a variety of styles from jazz, classical and popular music. If you take lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff you will benefit in the knowledge that you or your child will be learning how to play piano in a relaxed environment with a qualified teacher. 


The highest quality piano lessons in Cardiff


At Piano Tuition Cardiff, Matthew Clayton offers unrivalled piano lessons in the Cardiff area. Matthew specialises in teaching children and adult’s piano from his home in Cardiff. It is important to find a qualified and accomplished pianist when you or your child is thinking about taking up the piano.


Matthew offers piano lessons in Cardiff to those wanting beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons. He teaches from beginner to grade 8 in lots of different styles. As well as learning classical works, Matthew will also teach you pop and jazz songs and you will learn how to improvise and even compose your own piano pieces. 


At Piano Tuition Cardiff, Matthew makes his lessons as fun as possible so that providing you have done your weekly practise, you will look forward to your piano lesson. Each student will be given a tailored teaching plan that will be for his or her individual musical goals and outcomes. 


There is nothing more exciting than hearing a pianist play the piano- at whatever level. If they can play a tune, many will enjoy to listen. The important thing to think from the outset is that everyone who starts learning the piano started from the same place- knowing nothing at all. All you need in the beginning is motivation. If you have a good teacher, mix that with your own positive motivation and the results will be excellent. There is no doubt that Matthew Clayton, a great piano teacher from Cardiff will be able to provide you with all the tips to start you off playing basic tunes. 


Matthew teaches in a relaxed environment. Pupils are free to give feedback about they wish to work on and are encouraged to self evaluate their own performances. Matthew does not try to “lecture” pupils but encourages a two way dialogue where they work on new music together. You will be introduced to a range of tried and tested pieces that will help you develop a good technique. 


Matthew is a popular piano teacher in Cardiff so it is worth contacting him to see if he has any available slots. He will normally be able to get back to you within a 24 hour period. If Matthew is fully booked, he will also be able to recommend other piano teachers in Cardiff who you could contact. 


It is also worth noting that Matthew also teaches music theory from home in Cardiff up to and including Grade 5. Many of his pupils have enjoyed making there way through theory tutor books where there learn about key signatures, scales, intervals, time signatures and transposition. 







Piano and Keyboard Tutor in Cardiff, South Wales


Piano teacher, Matthew Clayton offers piano lessons from his home in Cardiff. Matthew is a highly skilled, qualified piano teacher. Regardless of a students age, goals or skill level, there is no doubt Matthew will be a suitable teacher. He has been teaching piano for over 10 years in Cardiff. Matthew’s music interests include classical, pop, rock, jazz, folk and musical theatre. Matthew holds an enhanced DBS certificate so you relax in the knowledge that you or your child will be learning in a safe and professional setting. 


Many people like the idea of learning the piano because the instrument offers the opportunity for the players to express themselves through beautiful music. Since the piano was invented, enthusiasm for learning to play as never dropped. Learning how to play the piano in the initial stages is easier than other instruments such as string or woodwind instruments because when you press a key, outcomes the sound straight away without thinking about bowing or other techniques associated with other instruments. Of course, to master the piano, like any other instruments comes with its technical challenges, however, with just a few introductory lessons you will be able to put both hands together and play simple, pleasing tunes to enjoy.  


When you take piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff, you will learn how to read music, as well as playing from memory. The most important factor that will determine how quickly you pick up the instrument will be the time you allow to practice in-between lessons. Regular practising is an absolute necessity in moving the lessons and learning forward.  Yes, there will be frustrating times when you find a new passage of music or a new skill difficult to get, however, with persistence and a good teacher such as Matthew from Piano Tuition Cardiff, you will no doubt get there in the end – like many of Matthew’s pupils. 


A frequent question Matthew often gets asked is “For how long should I be practising the piano?” This is a tricky questions to answer as it will depend on the skill level you are at, and your age. The best way to answer this question, is small and frequent practise is often better than an hour or longer every couple of days. Setting a practise diary can be useful, however, what seems to be the most positive way is to set a specific time each day, whether that be before breakfast or straight after dinner to set into your schedule. This will ensure it becomes part of your routine and won’t be neglected or forgotten about. There is no doubt that if students are willing to put in the time and effort, they will be musically rewarded. 


At what age can you start lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff?

If you are thinking of starting piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff, you will need to be aged 7 and over. As soon as children know there alphabet they will be able to grasp the basics of note positions on the stave and keyboard. Parents who are unsure how long their pupil will be able to concentrate for are welcome to have a trial lesson with Matthew. Normally speaking, a young learner of 7-8 years old will start with 20 minute lessons and build up to the standard 30 minute lesson when they embark on the grade 1 exam pieces.


Are Piano Lessons in Cardiff expensive?


The cost of piano lessons vary on what part of the UK you live in and what qualifications the teacher holds. Matthew Clayton, from piano tuition Cardiff, is a piano teacher who likes to keep his prices as low as possible in order to “provide music lessons for those from all backgrounds”. He currently charges £13.50 per half hour lesson, which is a lot cheaper than the national average. This is a very reasonable price considering Matthew holds a music degree from Cardiff University and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Open University.


Music Lessons is a fun choice of after school learning in Cardiff


For parents thinking about what after school activities they can enrol their children into in Cardiff should definitely consider piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff. Learning how to play the piano can have its benefits helping children gain confidence, help communication and can even help them improve with their school work. Having a skill that can be nurtured and rewarded has brilliant positive effects on children growing up.  Learning the piano can help focus a child’s attention which in turn will help improve the awareness. So, if you are living in Cardiff, and are looking for good piano lessons, look no further and contact Matthew today on 07967 836011.


Will you need to buy a piano to take part in piano lessons with Matthew?


You will need something for you or your child to practice on, but it need not be an actual acoustic piano. You can begin with a five-octave keyboard that can be bought quite reasonably. As you get to the Grade 2 standard, you will need to think about getting something more sophisticated such as an 88 note digital piano that has the piano touch sensitivity. You can reach the high grades on a good quality digital piano sold by Roland and Yamaha. For those who have the space and want to take the instrument more seriously, may wish to invest in an acoustic piano similar to the one that Matthew teaches from in his home studio. Matthew can recommend Coach House Pianos in Swansea as they offer a good delivery and after care service.  Of course, real pianos often come with an expensive price tag so you will probably want to test the waters with a cheaper digital instrument first. That is completely understandable, but you should note that brands such as Kawai are now offering a full 10-year warranty on all pianos. 


Contact Piano Tuition Cardiff today


So if you are look for good quality piano lessons in Cardiff, get in touch with Matthew today to check his availability.  This could be beginning of a life long love of playing a new instrument for you or your child. If you would like further information about piano lessons in Cardiff please contact



Are you considering taking piano lessons in Cardiff?


There are many great benefits in learning a new instrument, particularly the piano. It has been scientifically proven that when children learn how to play the piano, it helps them concentrate. They learn how to focus in on developing a new skill, which also in turn helps with their patience. Contrary to popular belief, although there can be times when learning to play the piano can become frustration, most people in fact use piano practice to help clear their minds. As the piano requires use to fully concentrate, while you are practising, you are not thinking about stressful things going on in your life – instead you are concentrating on creating beautiful art. Science has also proven that music requires a considerable amount of auditory processing- so it helps children develop their social skills and cognitive skills. It helps quieter, more shy children “come out of their shell” and help develop their speech and confidence. Having piano lessons helps boost self esteem because it helps children overcome criticism and feedback. Matthew, a piano teacher in Cardiff has long held the belief that children have a “thing” whether that is sport, a musical instrument or creative writing. Having a skill such as playing an instrument helps kids stand out from the crowd. As they go through the graded piano exam process, they will be rewarded for their efforts that add to their personal confidence. 


Sign up for lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff

Matthew Clayton is a piano teacher based in Cardiff. He has received a degree in music from Cardiff University. He has built up a successful piano teaching business from his home in Cardiff teaching pupils of all ages and abilities. If you are thinking of having lessons for you or your child, you can make a booking by calling him on 07967 836011. Lessons are normally weekly 30 minute lessons. Some younger children will find that a 20 minute lesson is long enough. For those who are more advance and preparing for higher piano grades, Matthew offers one hour long lessons. Matthew makes sure he delivers fun and exciting piano lessons in Cardiff. Pupils will learn chart music as well as music from the great classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.


The benefits of taking Piano Lessons as an Adult


The first paragraph above lists the benefits of children taking up the piano-but what about adults? Firstly, just like children it can reduce stress levels. Reduced stress levels in adults often lend itself to reduced illnesses. Learning the piano can help to improve your joints- it is often recommended that older adults need to make sure they kip flexible and fit- what better way to fend off arthritis in the hands than to start playing the piano? Learning the piano also helps memory skills that can be particularly helpful for the older adult who may be now retired. No doubt, the single best health benefit in starting up a new instruments is that is elevates your mood. As soon as you can play simple tunes on the piano, you will get a large amount of self fulfilment- it is a lifelong skill that no one can take away from you. Music making is something that you can do in your own home and is free of charge.


Start piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff


If you are in the process of looking for a great piano teacher, then welcome to Piano Tuition Cardiff. Matthew Clayton is an inspiring teacher who offers piano lessons to learners all over Cardiff. Having an enthusiastic teacher who you can rely upon to give you professional advice makes the world of difference. Matthew has experience of teaching children as young as 6 to retired adults in their seventies. He has long held the belief that music should be full all, he is very passionate about music making and opens his doors to all that are willing to learn. Matthew teaches from his home in Cardiff. Pupils travel from Pontprennau, Thornhill, Heath, Cyncoed, Pentwyn and Lakeside for piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew. 


At Piano Tuition Cardiff, Matthew will introduce you to lots of different styles of music while learning the piano. Pupils will be introduced to the world of classical music such as Chopin and Beethoven, as well as contemporary pop songs from Elton John and the Beatles, jazzy and bluesy music as well as more modern chart popular songs (particularly enjoyed by Matthew’s younger pupils and teenagers). Matthew makes sure his students progress traditional skills such as practising scales and chords. Lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff will also help with your music theory knowledge- many of Matthew’s pupils have succeeded in achieving high music theory marks in examinations. One of the most important skills in learning the piano is the ability to sight read (where a piece of unseen music is put in front of the learner and they have to play it straight away). Although the idea of sight reading can seem daunting for the beginner, it is one of the most fundamental skills in learning. After all, the main goal in the end is for the pupil to be able to work out music and have a good attempt at it alone, without the need for the teachers guidance. Matthew often includes at least one sight reading piece in each lessons – which has led to lots of Matthew’s pupils becoming brilliant sight readers and achieving high marks in their piano exams.


Contact Matthew today to enquire about piano lessons in Cardiff

If you wanting to check his availability, please call him on 07967 836011 or press the contact button at the top of the page. He will normally get back to you within 24 hours and offer you time slots that are currently available. Once you get given a slot, this normally becomes a set weekly time for your 20 minute, 30 minute or one hour lesson. If you would prefer to email you can send to


You can have a trial lesson with Matthew at the usual fee, and then you can decide following that if you would like to take up lessons on a permanent basis.


Matthew has enjoyed a 100% success rate with his pupils passing their graded piano exams with a pass, merit or distinction. 




Frequently asked Questions about Piano Lessons in Cardiff


Matthew Clayton, piano teacher from Piano Tuition Cardiff has answered popular questions about his piano tuition business. 


How much do piano lessons cost?

Matthew currently charges £13.50 per half hour piano lesson – this changes over time in line with general inflation


Do you have to sign a contract to commit to lessons?

No contract is signed, but you must give Matthew 24 hours to cancel a lesson or the normal lesson fee will be charged


How do I pay for Piano Lessons?

You can make online transfers or pay through PayPal


Do lessons take place every week of the year?

Matthew teaches piano throughout the year, but takes two weeks off for Christmas and a couple of weeks during the year for a holiday.


Where do piano lessons take place?

Matthew teaches piano from his home in Cyncoed Cardiff


How often are lessons?

Lessons are weekly and usually take the form of 30 minute or 1 hour sessions


Do I need to buy a piano?

You do not necessarily need to buy a piano, but you will need something to practise on at home. What you buy will be determined by your budget and your living arrangements. If you are living in a small space, you may wish to consider a digital piano.


Can I take piano exams?

Yes, Matthew encourages taking piano exams through ABRSM and Trinity 


How long will it take in order to play the piano well?

Learning the piano is a long process and every progresses at different rates. With regular practice, after one year you should be able to play pleasing tunes that are hands together at the Grade 1 standard.


What things should I think about when choosing a good piano teacher in Cardiff?

Do not always be attracted to teachers who charge cheap rates. There is a normally a reason why these teaches do not warrant a professional fee. When choosing a piano teacher make sure he/sure is well qualified, has experience of teaching, is DBS checked – you can ask to see certificates to prove this. Matthew offers to show this upon request. The other thing you are entitled to ask before starting lessons with a teacher is there success rate with pupil exam entries. Matthew is proud to hold a 100% pass rate with all 138 pupils he has entered for graded piano exams.


Are there any age restrictions?

Matthew teaches pupils from 7 years of age (he finds as soon as they start junior school, they have the cognitive skills to begin learning the piano). There is no upper age limit. Matthew teaches retired adults well into their seventies. For older pupils, Matthew teaches in a more relaxed, informal way which is student led (they often led Matthew know the type of pieces they would like to learn for pleasure rather than following a formal syllabus and doing exams).


Can I purchase piano lessons as a present for someone else?

Yes Matthew offers lessons that can be bought as a gift for someone else-whether that be their birthday, Christmas or special event. There is nothing better than helping someone begin their life long journey learning a new instrument. Upon purchasing, you will be sent a voucher that can be printed off and given as a gift.


How can I start piano lessons?

First you will need to check Matthew’s availability. The best way to contact Matthew is through email. On the initial email please state the age of the pupil wanting lessons, and any previous experience in playing the piano. Matthew will then get back to with a list of available time slots and will also suggest piano books that you can buy and bring along to your first lesson.


Do you offer piano lessons all over Cardiff?

Yes, many of Matthew’s pupils travel to piano lessons from all over Cardiff- some even travel from the valleys for lessons. Matthew gives no priority to those who live close and runs on a first come first served basis. As soon as you get given a permanent slot time you will get to keep that time slot weekly. 


About Piano Tuition Cardiff


Welcome to the page about piano lessons in Cardiff.  Matthew Clayton teaches piano in my home in Cardiff. He is a qualified musician who has gained a music degree from Cardiff University. He teaches students of all ages and abilities. Each lesson is tailored made for each individual pupil. As you can imagine, music tastes vary a great deal – Matthew teaches a variety of styles and genres in order to keep his pupils, young and old, interested and enthusiastic.


If you would like to enquire about piano lessons, please contact Matthew on 07967 836011 and he will be able to give you more information about his available appointments. 


No prior knowledge is required before you start piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew. He takes on complete beginners who have never played a note on the piano before. Matthew will teach you all the basics in order for you to develop into a competent musician. You can relax in the knowledge that Matthew will ensure you are taught in the correct way. Matthew was taught himself by an ABRSM examiner, so has been exposed to some of the highest standards of teaching that he now likes to pass onto to his own pupils.


Matthew’s teaching studio at home is equipped with a lovely new Kawai piano and lots of educational piano resources. Matthew will never be short of examples and sheet music to offer you of great classical music and popular songs.


Due to a very busy teaching schedule, Matthew is unable to offer piano tuition in peoples homes in Cardiff at this present time.


Can I learn music theory with Piano Tuition Cardiff?


Yes. Matthew teaches up to grade 5 ABRSM music theory. All Matthew’s students have passed with exam with merits and distinction. He ensures that his lessons are fun and interesting. Matthew finds that if pupils are relaxed, they will actually look forward to their music lessons, like he did as a child and progress is such much better. Matthew teaches using the ethos that “music is to be enjoyed”. For many children, it is an extra curricular activity that brings joy to peoples lives. 


When can I start lessons?


Providing that Matthew has availability and you can both agree on a time that suits you both, you will be able to start immediately this coming week. Matthew will be able to suggest a piano tutor book for you to purchase and bring along to your first lesson. There is no commitment for to sign up for permanent lessons following the trial- you can go away and think if is something that you want to commit to. So if you are wanting piano lessons and live in Cardiff, please get in touch with Matthew today at

Piano Lessons in Cardiff


If you are looking for a professional musician with lots of piano teaching experience, call Matthew Clayton on 07967 836011 or email


Lots of people have the idea that they want to learn a new instrument, but sometimes can be put off with the idea of lots of hard work, playing boring music they don’t want to learn. You will hear lots of adults expressing negative thoughts about their experience of attending piano lessons as a child. Things have changed a great deal since then where music teachers primarily only taught classical music. Although Matthew considers classical music important and teaches it, he also is aware that your average student learning the piano for fun wants to play pop songs and modern contemporary pieces. Matthew is just as comfortable teaching a piece by Schubert as he is teaching the latest song by Justin Bieber.  There is something to be enjoyed in all styles of music and if there is a genre of music that will encourage you to practise independently at home- then so be it.


What will learn in the first few lessons at Piano Tuition Cardiff?

Sheet music will look strange to someone who has never read music before- it will look like a random amount of dots and symbols. The truth is, when you learn how to read music, you are essentially learning to read a new language. Matthew takes things back to the very basics and introduces the first notes on the piano C, D and E and where the lay on the musical stave. You will be first introduced to the first 5 finger C major position. Like building blocks, your knowledge and technique will built up over time and you will be able to read notes and play them using your right hand and left hand, firstly apart, and then together at the same time. You will be introduced to different rhythms and when to play the black keys on the piano. If you practise a lot in-between lessons there is no reason that within a year you could be playing some very good pieces. 


How much do piano lessons at Piano Tuition Cardiff cost?

Matthew currently charges £13.50 per half hour lesson. This is a very competitive rate, and therefore because Matthew is a qualified teacher who charges reasonable rates, finds himself with a very busy schedule. He is a popular piano teacher in the Cardiff area, though slots do regularly come up when a pupil for whatever reason chooses to stop lessons. Therefore if you are thinking about starting to look for piano lessons in Cardiff, it is worth contacting Matthew so you can both arrange a convenient time slot and begin lessons.


Why take piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff?


Matthew Clayton has been teaching from his home in Cyncoed, Cardiff, nurturing budding musicians and enthusiasts. Matthew believes the key to his success is instilling a strong teacher-student rapport early on. He tries to encourage his pupils to broaden their music horizons by exploring classical, romantic, jazz and pop music. There is no doubt that playing the piano, is even today with developments in technology and devices, a very impressive skill. Matthew, as in good piano teacher will do, nurtures the talent and helps students develop a life long relationship with music making. Matthew is one of the most popular piano teachers offering piano lessons in Cardiff. He also likes to keep his prices down to the reasonable rate of only £13.50 to ensure those from all backgrounds get access to music tuition and music making. 


Most students like to play in a range of styles, and with technical practise, you’ll surprised in not that long at all, you will have built up a lovely repertoire of piano pieces. Yes, there will be occasional frustrations like there are with anything new, however, Matthew has the years of experience behind him that will help you overcome these moments. While you learn how to play the piano, Matthew will also introduce music theory teaching you about chords, keys, scales and harmony. From Matthew’s experience, students like having an understanding of the music they are playing. 


If you would like further information about piano lessons with Matthew, you can contact him at or call on 07967 836011.


What are Matthew’s qualifications?

If you are looking for piano lessons in Cardiff, it is important that you find someone who is well qualified. Below is a list of Matthew’s formal qualifications related to music:


Music A Level

Grade 8 Piano

Music Degree from Cardiff University 2.1 (hons)

Postgraduate Diploma in Music from Open University

DBS Enhanced


Online Piano Lessons for those who don’t live in Cardiff

If you are living further afield, but want help and guidance related to learning the piano, Matthew is now offering online piano lessons that take place over Skype and Zoom. This is becoming a popular option, as people from all over the world now have access to a professional musician who can teach them piano. Taking online piano lessons has the advantage of the fact you can decide when the lessons occur, fitting it around your schedule and you can have lessons as and when, which doesn’t put any pressure. Using Zoom you can also record lessons for you to refer to back to when you are practising. This is very helpful if you forget how a piece of music should go.




Cardiff Piano Lessons with piano teacher Matthew Clayton


  • One to one piano lessons in Cardiff

  • Lessons in classical music, popular music, jazz music and music theory

  • Lessons available for all abilities

I am a professional trained musician from Cardiff and have been teaching pupils in home for many years. I also offer tuition for those studying GCSE and A Level music tuition. I have had experience teaching A Level music students in preparation for their music performance examination.


The piano, in my opinion (I suppose I would say this) is the greatest of all instruments. It has been said often that the piano “offers and orchestra at your finger tips”. This is because you can play so many notes at the same time on the piano, and unlike other instruments it offers the capability of playing the melody and the accompaniment – only a few instruments can do this. Therefore if you learn the piano you will never have to worry about finding an accompanist for the music to sound “correct”. 

There are many different reasons why people want to learn the piano. Lots of adults tell me that its always something they have wanted to learn, but “life” got in the way, and they didn’t want to put it off any longer, so made the big leap of faith and started lessons. As for children, they often know early on if music is something that brings them enjoyment. Many of my pupils find playing the piano, one of the most fun extra curricular activities that they do after school.


What to expect if you take lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff


If you are thinking of taking piano lessons, it shows you already have a degree of interest. Perhaps you just want to know how to play and are happy to learn any pieces I suggest. However, perhaps you have a set idea about the style and types of pieces you want to learn. It is my jobs as your teacher to tailor make my lessons to suit your needs. Not all teachers have the capability or training in order to feel comfortable delivering lessons in all styles. Luckily, I have been exposed to a range of teachers over the years, some who specialise in classical music, others more in jazz, film and popular music. My view is that music is music. There is something to be learnt and enjoyed in all music. I have a very broad interest and different styles, and it is my job as your piano teacher to broaden your musical horizons. 


So if you live in Cardiff and would like to take piano lessons with Matthew, then please email on for further information and availability. He will get back to you at the earliest possibility and lessons can begin straight away. 



Are you looking for Piano Lessons in Cardiff?


Welcome to my page. My name is Matthew Clayton and I first learnt how to play the piano when I was six years old. While growing up, music was always when of my main passions while other fads came and went. I never lost the enthusiasm of sitting at the piano and playing. After gaining A Level music, I went on to study music at Cardiff University and gained a BMus (Hons) with a 2.1 which included piano performance. 


I now teach pupils how to play the piano from my home in Cardiff. I teach from beginner age 7 upwards, right through to grade 8 piano students. I have a 100% pass for all pupils entered through the ABRSM piano exams. For peace of mind, I am also DBS checked, and the certificate can be provided upon request. 


Many of my pupils have gone on to be accomplished pianists. There is no greater feeling for me than passing on my passion for music. Many of my students have started piano lessons with me during primary school, and I teach them right up to when they leave for university- and some have even gone on to study music and take up professional positions in the creative industries. Also, some of students, particularly the adult learners who come to the piano later in life, just want to learn the piano for fun, so with them I take a less formal approach and they learn pieces just for enjoyment.


If you are thinking of buying a keyboard, digital piano or a real piano, I can offer guidance as to what good brands there are, ones to avoid, and what type of piano would suit your level of ability. It is worth speaking to me first before you enter the piano show room and get talked into buying a product that is not suitable. 


I also offer gift vouchers for those who would like to give a friend or family member lessons for a special occasion. If you send me an email at or contact me directly on 07967 836011 we can discuss this further. I will be able to print out a voucher for you to give as a present.


How much do piano lessons cost?


Every teacher charges different amounts, often related to their experience and qualifications. I am currently charging £13.50 per half hour which is a very reasonable rate considering my experience. I charge is six weekly blocks. If you would like to cancel a piano lesson, all I require is 24 hours notice.


So why not take the leap of faith and start something new by learning the piano? If you are living in Cardiff, I can offer you weekly piano lessons that I have no doubt that you will enjoy.


Students from Piano Tuition Cardiff achieve success once again


The last set of pupils who entered for the graded piano exams with the ABSRM with teacher Matthew Clayton of Piano Tuition Cardiff have achieved passes and merits. All the hard work and practising was paid of and the candidates have received some wonderful praise on the mark form.

It was an interesting experience for Matthew’s candidates on the day of the exam as things did not go to plan due to the Covid-19 outbreak. They turned up for their exam on Monday 16th March at the Forte School of Music in Cardiff only to be told there was no examiner due to illness. Anyone who has sat an exam will be fully aware that the build up to a piano exam can be an anxious and stressful time, so hearing news like that when you are prepared to enter the exam, is not what you want to hear. Within a couple of hours, the ABRSM found a replacement examiner, which under the circumstances was very impressive. The only unfortunate thing was a lot of hanging around for the pupils, which is not what you want in the run up to exam. However, given the unusual circumstances, Matthew’s pupils reacted very calmly and went into the exam and gave confident performances.  

Now the piano exams are marked electronically, there is not a long wait for the results to come through. As soon as all the marks came through to Piano Tuition Cardiff, Matthew emailed all the pupils who were happy and relived. Unfortunately, Matthew had two further pupils who were entered for the week later on March 23rd (a grade 8 and a grade 1 pupil) who did not have the opportunity to sit their exams due to the cancelation of all ABRSM piano exams until July. It is understandable that the ABRSM wanted to put the health first of all staff and candidates. Matthew will now continue to prepare these pupils and they will be able to enter for their next piano exam at the earliest opportunity. 


Start piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff today


If you are looking for first class piano lessons in Cardiff, please call or text Matthew on 07967 836011 or email

Matthew is a brilliant piano teacher who teaches from his home in Cardiff. He has a wide age range of pupils from age 7 to 70. Matthew teaches all styles of music and has over 10 years of teaching the piano since he completed his music degree in Cardiff University.  Matthew teaches over 40 happy pupils on a weekly basis. Although he is busy and is a popular piano teacher in Cardiff, slots do come available from time to time. If you send him an enquiry he will promptly respond with availability and further information.



Adult piano lessons at Piano Tuition Cardiff


If you are an adult who wants to learn how to play the piano, you have come to the right place for more information. Adults of all ages find learning the piano a very satisfying experience that provides them with a new fun outlet in life. Adult learners have often commented that learning the piano has helped them keep their brain mentally active. Learning an instrument later in life as been proven time and time again to alleviate stress. Adult learners will particularly enjoy learning how to play the piano with Matthew from Piano Tuition Cardiff. Matthew has an outgoing personality that immediately puts his adult students at ease. Even though adult learns can take on a bigger practise work load and can pick things up quicker than children, they are often not as confident and can sometimes become very self aware. That is why it is very useful to have a teacher like Matthew who will put you at ease. Matthew starts by giving his first lesson as a trial – you don’t have to sign up for lessons permanently there and then – you can go away and have a think if it’s something you would like to do- there is no pressure. 


Matthew Clayton who teaches piano from his home in Cardiff as been offering piano lessons for over ten years. In that time his taught a huge number of pupils and coached them through their piano exams and helped them develop a life long interest in music making and playing the piano. Many of Matthew’s pupils have commented that he has a “gift for teaching”. Matthew believes this comes from the fact that music is his passion – he doesn’t feel teaching piano is job, but rather a joy. Yes, there will be frustrating moments when anyone starts learning a new instrument. However, as Matthew has a considerable amount of piano teaching experience, he will be able to help you out of these difficult situations and motivate you forward so you will be constantly progressing. Matthew sets key tasks for you to complete in between your weekly piano lessons. There is no getting from the fact that if you want to develop and get better at the piano, you will need to put in regular practise sessions. Matthew’s advice is always to set a specific time a day that you set aside to practise –as soon as it is in your routine, you will never miss a day.


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If you would further information you click on the tabs at the top of the page to find a biography about Matthew and other services he offers such as playing the piano for weddings and events. You will also be able to read testimonials from Matthew’s previous pupils to see what they thought about his teaching- these can be found if you click on the homepage button at the top of this website.


To sign up for piano lessons in Cardiff today email Matthew on or call or text on 07967836011





Choosing the right piano teacher in Cardiff


Choosing the right piano teacher will no doubt play a huge factor in your success at the piano. Although it is important to find a teacher who has all the relevant experience and professional qualifications, it is also important for you to find a piano teacher than you will be able to connect with, and actually get along with as you will probably be visiting this teacher on a weekly basis. Matthew Clayton teaches from his home in Cyncoed, Cardiff and he is blessed with being a gifted musician having acquired a music degree as well as have a friendly and approachable demeanour. Matthew’s piano students achieve a great deal within a relatively short time period. This is mainly due to the fact Matthew has the skill of lighting a spark in a pupils imaginations which motivates them to practise and progress. The student-teacher relationship is absolutely crucial for success. If you choose the wrong teacher you will no doubt experience poor instruction and want to give up quickly. It is also important for a good teacher to show how a pupil should practice so they are using their time in the most effective way. All of Matthew’s piano students are encouraged to practise on a regular basis, which overtime will instil confidence in their playing ability. Whether you work or live in Cardiff piano lessons will hopefully be something that you will look forward to. It is a great hobby to start up. 


Matthew Clayton has been a piano teacher in Cardiff for over ten years. However, in more recent years he has begun to offer online piano lessons through Facetime. This enables the learner to schedule lessons to fit around their busy lives. He operates his online piano lessons on a pay as you go basis and accepts payments through his email address through pay pal. Please contact Matthew on for further information about taking online piano lessons. Due to developments in technology and stable internet connections this has enabled Matthew to coach piano pupils all over the world in preparation for their piano examinations, auditions and performances.  If you would like to take part in online piano lessons, you will need to send a photo or scan of the music that you want to learn in advance of the lesson. Matthew will need to able to see a copy of the music so he can teach effectively in an online setting.


Matthew Clayton has had experience of teaching music in primary schools, secondary school and in colleges. He has had experience as a peripatetic teacher for Gwent Music Service as well as running his own private piano studio in Cardiff. If you would like to enquire about availability or prices, please call or text Matthew on 07967 836011.


Where to learn how to play the piano in Cardiff


There is no better way to explore your own creativity than learning how to play the piano. Learning a new instrument alters your brain structure. It helps you think in a different way and broadens your horizons. Of course, learning a new instrument can be difficult and will require hard work and perseverance – but with the right teacher, everyone can achieve success at the piano. Piano Tuition Cardiff was set up by Matthew Clayton- teaching students of all ages in his home in Cyncoed, Cardiff. Whether you are wanting to learn classical, jazz, blues, popular or contemporary piano – you have come to the right place. There are lots of different options you can take advantage of with Matthew from Piano Tuition Cardiff. First of all, you can have your usual 30 minute lesson. This is the most popular option to choose from, particularly for children. The regularity and routine of a set time works particularly effectively for the young. If you are an adult you might wish instead to take advantage of a more flexible approach where you can take an hour lesson at convenient times that suit the diary of you and Matthew. If you are unsure what option would suit you best you can discuss further by contacting Matthew on 07967 836011 who will be able to provide you with more information. 


What will you learn in piano lessons with Matthew in Cardiff?


If you are a complete beginner, Matthew will teach you or your child all the fundamental things you need to know to make a good start in playing simple tunes. You will learn all the basics and Matthew will also help you at this stage to avoid picking up bad habits. If you can already play a bit of piano already Matthew, will suggest new piano pieces for you to begin looking at depending on your current level. Matthew will be able to assess a lot of this in your initial trial lessons which he gives. If you have a certain style of music, or specific pieces that you would like to learn, it is worth mentioning this to Matthew early on during the trial so he can gear you up in the right direction and help you achieve your goals. The most important thing Matthew has picked up in his ten years of teaching piano in Cardiff is the fact that every pupils have different needs, they all pick things up at different paces and all want to play different types of pieces. This is what Matthew finds fun about his job as no piano lesson he gives is the same. Each pupil will be working their way through their own set of pieces that are appropriate to their current standard and musical tastes. Matthew is a believer that music should always be fun for the learner. Matthew never wants his pupils to dread coming to piano lessons, so approaches teaching with a friendly and approachable style.


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If you are living in Cardiff and want to take advantage of learning the piano with Matthew, send an enquiry through to and he will contact you back within 24 hours with advice and current availability. 



The easiest song to start learning with Piano Lessons Cardiff


This article is for all beginner piano students in Cardiff. One of the best places to learn piano in Cardiff is with Matthew Clayton at Piano Tuition Cardiff. There are many beginner music students in Cardiff, so Matthew finds himself in high demand, particularly in his local area in Cyncoed, Cardiff. Cardiff is a growing city in terms of culture and performing art - so there will be opportunities for you to show your talent at gigs, festivals, music competitions and music events. In order to reach that goal of being confident and competent enough to play to an audience, you have to start from scratch learning how to play. Everyone is in the same boat as a learner - everyone has to start from somewhere. The easiest songs to start learning are the ones that will begin your musical journey at the piano. It will be advised that you listen to the pieces carefully so you become very familiar with the pieces first. Then begin looking at the score and analysing any difficult sections. Then begin by practising hands separately. Slowly put the hands together - but remember not to rush - you will have time later down the line to up the speed - at this stage it is important just to get a feel for the notes and the rhythm. Some songs for you to have a look at:

Chopin- Prelude in E minor

Bach- Prelude in C

Beethoven- Fur Elise


Are you looking for a great piano teacher in Cardiff?

If you are wanting to start up piano lessons in Cardiff it is worth getting in touch with Matthew. He is an enthusiastic music teacher that has been delivering piano lessons for over ten years. He can teach all styles of music and has had some great success with previous pupils. Matthew currently charges £13.50 per half hour piano lesson. If you would like to book a piano lesson, please send an email to or call on 07967 836011 and he will get back to you as soon as possible. Matthew offers piano lessons for children and adults. Matthew can recommend good tutor books and piano resources to help you with your learning at home. Matthew graduated in Music from Cardiff University in 2009. He is also DBS checked.


Some people can feel daunted by the idea of starting up a new instrument. But there is no need to feel that way when starting piano lessons with Matthew. As a teacher he is sensitive to every pupils needs. If you take lessons in no time at all you will feel that rewards will be great. 




What books do I need to buy to start piano lessons in Cardiff with Matthew Clayton?


If you are thinking about starting up piano lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff, one of the first things you will need to think about is what piano music you will need to buy. The book you begin learning with will be dependent on your age and previous experience. Young children (between 7-11 years of age) will benefit from progressing through the John Thomson Easiest piano course. These books go at a slow rate and they offer a great deal of ways to practise. They also recap new concepts to help younger learners understand key concepts. While young learners progress through this series, they can also look at “Easy to play” Disney or pop books that will support their learning and keep their interest in the piano and learning new pieces. As soon as children reach the high school age, it would be recommended they go the “Piano Time” series of books. These progress a little quicker. For example, by the time a student has completed book 1, they are at around grade 1 standard - The John Thomson series takes about 3 books to complete before you reach that standard. Piano Time tutor books by the well established children’s music composer Pauline Hall is also supplemented by “Piano Time Pieces” which are fun pieces set to certain style. If you are an adult beginner, it would be recommend that you progress through the Adult Piano course which is published by Alfred Music. Pieces in this book have been specifically chosen so adults will recognise them. You also learn about chords early on in this method, as adults will have the hand size and span to attempt more challenging things. 


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If you are completely new to the piano and reading music- starting lessons with Matthew Clayton from Cyncoed in Cardiff will be your best bet. He teaches all ages and abilities. He has lots of qualifications in music including a music degree and has experience of teaching piano in schools and colleges. His fees are highly competitive starting at £13.50 per half hour lesson. Matthew offers piano lessons to those living in Thornhill, Pontprennau, Heath, Pentwyn and Whitchurch in Cardiff. 

If you would like to make an enquiry please call or text Matthew one 07967 836011 and he will be able to get back to you with advice.


Matthew offers and introductory, trial piano lesson at the usual lesson fee. You can decide following that if you want to consider taking up lessons with Piano Tuition Cardiff. The actual piano lessons are held in Matthew’s home in Cyncoed. Matthew can also teach music theory for those who want to learn with the option of taking music theory exams through the ABRSM. Lessons are normally 30 minutes per week. If you want to cancel a lesson or trial lesson, please give Matthew 24 hours notice. 





Enjoyable Piano Lessons in Cardiff


I am an experienced pianist and piano teacher who holds a music degree from Cardiff university. I have experience of teaching both classical and pop music at all levels. The most important thing I try to do in my teaching is that I make lessons enjoyable and fun from the very beginning to very end of the lesson. The majority of my lessons are held from my home in Cyncoed - I have recently invested in a brand new Kawai piano and all my students learn on this piano during piano lessons. I also cover music theory as part of the learning experience for my pupils. Why not book your free phone or email consultation with me? There, I will able to discuss your current learning needs and address and worries or questions you might have about the process of taking lessons for you or your child. I will also be able to let you know about my current availability. You can book your first introductory piano lesson in Cardiff with me and the usual fee, and in that lesson you will learn how to sit at the piano, how to hold your hands when playing, learn the initial five note finger position in both hands and what key signatures mean. You don’t have to decide at the lesson if you would like to take up piano lessons on a weekly basis, you can go away and have a think and let me know by email your decision. 


Over the last ten years I have taught many gifted piano learners. I have taken them successfully through the graded piano syllabus enjoying many pieces from all different styles and genres along the way. When pupils take piano lessons with me, they will learn all sorts of music from Jazz, blues, folk, pop and classical. 


I have taught many pupils up to grade 8. One of my recent pupils has been preparing his Grade 8 pieces with me over the last year. He moved to Cardiff a few years ago and was searching for a piano teacher and found my website online. I have already successfully put him through his grade 6 and grade 7 piano exams with ABRSM. Now, he is preparing a Prelude and Fugue by Bach, a Beethoven Sonata and Rachmaninoff’s Elgie. All pieces are demanding in their different ways and require at lot of focused practising at this level. It is worth noting that piano exams at the higher grades carry UCAS points and can be useful when applying for studying at universities. I am teach both ABRSM and Trinity exam boards - I select the board that will most suit the strengths of my individual pupils. When a student studies select pieces for some time, they learn the art of “striving for perfection” which is skill they can apply in a variety of ways and careers later on in life. Learning the piano does not only benefit you musically, it also lets you develop other skills that will help you. This is why taking piano lessons is very advantageous for children.


If you would like to book a lesson with Piano Tuition Cardiff, please call or text Matthew on 07967 836011

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